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From: ferretfanatic
Date: 2001-03-02 10:08:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] brewer's yeast

I am really happy to see that more people are learning that brewers
yeast is good for regulating high blood sugar. I am guilty of using it
on an insulinomic ferret and didn't learn that it wasn't good for him
until after his death, and to this point there is still people out there
arguing the benefits of brewers yeast for insulinoma. This has to be

Linda Iroff wrote:

> Chromium supplements and brewer's yeast (which contains chromium) have
> been
> used for insulinomic ferrets because they are thought to "regulate"
> blood
> sugar levels. However, all previous studies were done in cases of HIGH
> blood sugar (ie diabetes) where LOWERING the blood sugar is considered
> regulating it.
> People have read "regulate" and assumed it meant brought to a more
> normal
> level. But recent studies have shown that chromium also LOWERS blood
> sugar
> levels in normal animals.
> Lowering blood sugar is the last thing we want to do for insulinomic
> ferrets!
> My information is from Drs. Jerry Murray and Karen Purcell. Dr. Murray
> discusses this in issue #27 of Modern Ferret Magazine.
> Linda Iroff
> Oberlin OH
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