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From: steve austin
Date: 2001-03-09 00:05:00 UTC
Subject: Re: stavation

IS there anything else that would explain the vets findings?
IS it really possible for someone to look at a sunken,
emaciated ferret and NOT realize something was wrong?
I know this seems almost silly but this has me extremely

I know this isn't exactly about ferrets, but... sometimes I
see a parent with a very neglected child, or more than once
saw an infant very thin and failure to thrive and the parent
didn't realize it, came for a fever, or some other complaint..
I can't believe that a parent can't tell, but giving them the
benefit of the doubt, sometimes when you see someone every
day, and they are slowly thinning, it isn't as obvious as when
a stranger, or someone who hasn't been in the house comes
over. Giving this person the benefit of the doubt, believing
he never saw any other ferrets to compare his to, and
believing that he thought a ferret was supposed to have its
ribs sticking out, then maybe he didn't realize how thin they
I am thinking he just wanted to know if it was contagious,
maybe himself, or other animals in the home were at risk. I
think he took advantage of your kindness, I also believe that
no matter how far a vet was from him, he never bothered to
find out about a treatment for fleas. Pleading ignorance does
not justify the outcome,

I think you could either try to forget about it, report him to
some authority for animal abuse - shakey case, or try to
educate him so if he gets another ferret he will know that
they need food and water- maybe he was feeding hamster food,
or a very little amount, or they stopped eating because of
lack of appetite and weakness from the anemia, and fleas
(probably the source of the problem)