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From: katharine
Date: 2001-02-23 13:21:00 UTC
Subject: Skunks & Ferrets

> EZ wrote: The only animal that I can think of are raccoons, if you are rehabbing wild raccoons. They have an even more virulent form of roundworm
> than skunks. These eggs from the specific roundworm, can even contanimate a kennel that you think is sterilized. And I cant right off the top of
> my head remember the name of them.

That would be Baylisacaris (roundworm). It can be deadly to humans. And, you are right about contamination. Housing and air kennels that have
been used by raccoons should never be used by any other animals. To my understanding, the only way to totally destroy this parasite is by burning.
This particular parasite has not yet reached Florida yet.

Raccoons are also very susceptible to canine distemper. When my Lily (ferret) had lymphoma and was undergoing chemo, she didn't receive her annual
vaccinations. Because of the distemper threat, I could not have any raccoons in my house. Raccoons can also be rabies carriers and show no

This has nothing to do with the subject but no one should handle raccoons (or foxes or bats) unless they have received the rabies pre-exposure
series. These are the same shots you would received if you were exposed to rabies. Your titer levels should also be checked annually to insure you
are still protected. The shots are no big deal but are very expensive (>$100 each; series of 3).