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Date: 2001-03-09 04:23:00 UTC
Subject: You have got to see this!

Hi, I have never made chix gravy, and knew that if I ever needed it for
my ferrets, I would never find the recipe...that it would be lost in some
papers, etc. Also I dont know if I can make that recipe. Well guess what?
There is a cool site that has Bob Churches original quotes and recipe...
and get this... on the site is a page of a recipe that is an easier version
of the recipe from a Liz, and get this.... there is even a page on how to can
the stuff from Julie Dowdy! It's all together in this really easy to read
site so you can book mark it, or print it off to always have. Its all
animated too and sooo much fun!!! It'll bring a chuckle to you!
Everyone should really check this out and book mark it for the future.

Please visit:
for information on ferret deafness: