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From: wsmith
Date: 2001-03-09 11:50:00 UTC
Subject: Toxoplasmosis in ferrets

Hi -
I've seen a couple passing references to toxoplasmosis in ferrets. I
hadn't realized it had actually been found in ferret poop - I thought it
was more of a theoretical possibility. Does it actually occur in ferret
poop and how often? Do ferrets tend to get it from sharing litter boxes
with cats, or could they have picked it up very young at the breeders?
Does it affect the ferrets at all? Is it like for cats - that fecal
matter only becomes contagious to humans after more than 24 hours in the

I'm about 6 months pregnant, and my husband has been doing the ferret and
cat boxes since the beginning, but I do, occasionally pick up the poop that
has missed the box. So I'm curious as to the risks - but not too worried
as we've had ferrets for four years, so if it is common, I was probably
exposed long ago before I was pregnant. I'd probably just feel less guilty
about making Craig do all the poop for so long!


PS - Luggie went for his blood glucose test and failed miserably, with a
2.3 (sounds like a different scale than I've seen here, 6.8 last time was
borderline), and is starting on prednisone when the pharmacy gets it