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From: Dennis Jones
Date: 2001-03-09 12:05:00 UTC
Subject: Uploaded photo of spleen

I just uploaded to the Files folder a photo taken of Lucky's spleen
during surgery about 2 years ago. The doctor is pointing out his
body length for size comparison. The spleen looked OK so no
pathology was done. He also had a surprise adrenal tumor, which was

Lucky's symptoms were, besides the obvious huge bulge, near-lethargy,
loss of appetite, and frequent trips to the litter pan. The best he
could do in the pan was produce small blobs (due to the constant
feeling of needing to go because of the pressure?). Urination was

The outcome was that Lucky recovered very well. He made it his
business to fill in all that space by eating like a little piggy,
which he continues to do to this day. :-)

the Ferret Realm