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From: FurTulsa
Date: 2001-03-08 09:29:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Re: stavation

"I know this isn't exactly about ferrets, but..."
Whoa Patty! That was awesome though!! Made me think about a
lot of things. Ya know, on the opposite end, I often get in a
rescue that looks like crap and months later *I* feel like I
haven't done a darn bit of good and they still look horrid.
But then someone online will ask me for update pictures, and
it is not until I physically SEE the new pictures beside their
intake pictures that I can really see it and say WOW! I am
amazed to see how much better they are! But like you said,
seeing them every single day I don't notice the little
changes, and I have, not meaning this egotistical, but I do
have my own private line breeders who are huge and healthy
with soft fluffy coats to compare them against. So it is
harder for me to see the change from totally horrid to not
Anyhow, thats what threw me, I really truly do believe these
people loved their ferrets and were totally ignorant to the
fact anything was wrong. They did claim to have called a local
vet about the fleas and was told there was no safe product for
ferrets. Which on one hand, knowing the area they live in and
the farm vets, it possible.
Knowing they were planning to get more ferrets, I did make
sure they left here with a full information package and
everything I could possible give them so at least maybe they
will do better next time. They did seem a little stunned when
they saw some of my ferrets and what they look like.
It's weird, normally I would want to tear apart anyone who let
a ferret die that way but in this case I really truly believe
they did not know any better and really were that ignorant to
what was going on. I can't bring myself to be furious... more
feel sorry for them and want to make sure they have proper
information from now on.