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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-03-09 14:04:00 UTC
Subject: question in relation to Helicobacter and weight gain

I have to preface this with an explanation. While having the
antibiotics for my dental abscess I've noticed another effect: the
extreme hunger pains I'd been having have gone away so I am eating
less -- a welcome change since I need to lose fat (despite being
muscular). ***In a talk with our physician's nurse I learned that
Helicobacter in humans can present as strong hunger pains that cause

Here's the question this brings to mind: can this possibly also
happen in ferrets? May it be that non-seasonal, non-light related
appetite increases and fat gains in an active animal could indicate a
helicobacter flare-up? If so, then perhaps that might be a useful
hint before the problem worsens. Obviously, it would not account for
expected changes like those that happen from too little exercise,
from a lessening of light, from seasonal changes and so on -- so in
some ways fat watching could become like poop watching if the worst
is expected when normal things happen, but might it have its place?