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From: Tracy Jose
Date: 2001-03-09 23:23:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Totally Ferret

I was one of the people who originally posted on the FML about my "unusual" batch of TF with the batch number of B1R06A with an expiration date of May 6, 2002. It definately did not smell normal and my fuzzies would not eat it (only two nibbled on it a bit). I contacted my supplier immediately and they sent me out another bag. The replacement bag just came two days ago and when I opened it, it definately smelled better and my fuzzies
ate it with no hesitation.

I did hear from Performance Foods today and they said they checked into that particular batch and said they did not find anything unusual, and just to make sure our supplier replaced the "bad" bag with a new one, and if they wouldn't, then Performance Foods would.

I'm sure with might get one bag that is fine one day and something a little off the in point...just bought a bag of Funyuns and they were stale, compared to a bag I bought last week. That's mass production for ya! ;-)

Tracy J.
Tango, Chico, Roo, Pepe', Spunky & Leah

> Date: Fri, 09 Mar 2001 04:28:49 -0000
> From: la7816@n...
> Subject: Re:Totally Ferret
> Hello Sara!
> You might want to check on the batch number. Another ferret owner
> and I had the same complaints about our bags(same batch number). The
> batch number was B1R06A, made in February. I contacted Performance
> Foods, and I sent in a sample. They said that they were analyzing
> samples at the lab from this batch and that they had opened bags at
> their wherehouse and the people said that it smelled normal and fresh.
> However, my bag did not smell like any bag of TF that I have gotten
> before. After they received my sample they said that it did smell a
> little fishy but that is normal sue to oils.
> One of my ferrets ate the food, the others didn't. I had another
> bag sent to me(different batch) and threw the other out(didn't want to
> risk it, esp at the price per bag and possible vet). While it just may
> be a problem of too much fish oil added or timing of the
> might be a good idea to call in or e-mail them at Totallyfer@a... to
> let them know you noticed the odor too. It may not be a "bad" batch,
> but it is "different". Hope this helps.
> --Ashlie