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From: Michael F. Janke
Date: 2001-02-23 14:06:00 UTC
Subject: RE: Wow did you see those pictures!

>You guys gotta stop on in and look at the photos.
>If I take some photos, how do I send them to the site?
>do I just send to the normal addie, and attach it?

If you want to send something from your email program, just attach it as you
normally would do to send a file to someone. This method is best suited to
files that are only meant to be temporary because as new messages arrive and
your message scrolls down, most won't see it any more.

If the file is meant to be permanent addition to the forum, click on the
FILES option in the menu on the left while logged into the forum, and you
can "Add a file" there. Assuming you aren't using an ancient browser,
you'll be able to browse your hard drive and select the file to upload.

I haven't seen a way to attach a file to a message when you are using the
POST option on the website, though it may be there somewhere.

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