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From: Karen Kerns
Date: 2001-03-09 16:02:00 UTC
Subject: Baby ferret with inflamed rectum...

I adopted a five week old ferret who was being fed solid
food.. His rectum is swollen and red as a result of the food..
I have been feeding him mush and have been medicating him
three times a day. Before he goes to the bathroom, his rectum
is very red and blochy looking, and so is his penis, but after
he goes, it is only a little swollen and a normal pink color.
But I am not really seeing an imporvement.
His stool is normal, and he doesn't have any trouble going to
the bathroom. He is very active and playful and affectionate.
My vet gave me the medicine and told me to apply it three
times a day.. I took him back yesterday, and she said to keep
up the mush and medicine and bring him back Monday.. But I
thought you guys would have some good advice.. He is such a
sweet little baby..
What can I do? Am I doing the right thing right now?
Any advice would be greatly greatly appriciated!