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From: Linda Iroff
Date: 2001-03-09 16:18:00 UTC
Subject: totally ferret batch numbers

I thought people might be interested in interpreting Performance Foods
batch numbers.

Tracey wrote:
> TF with the batch number of B1R06A with an
> expiration date of May 6, 2002

B the second letter of the alphabet means it was manufactured in February,
the second month of the year. A is January, C is March, etc.

1 is the last digit of the year. Food made last year had a 0, 2 years ago
was 9.

R haven't a clue what that means, it's the same in every batch number I've

06 means it was manufactured on the 6th day of the month. I bet you'll
never see a batch labelled B1R30A!

A is also the same in all batches that I've seen.

The expiration date is 15 months from manufacture date, so a batch made on
Feb 6, 2001 will expire may 6, 2002.

Just in case anyone was wondering!

Linda Iroff
Oberlin OH