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Date: 2001-03-09 17:00:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Routine Health Care question

Dr. Karen;

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question on routine
check-ups. Since the boys are only 2 years old, I will wait until
next year to have the routine blood work done. And thank you for your
recommendation on having the blood drawn, rather than clipping the
nail. I have been worried about this, as I was one of those parents
who passed out cold when my infant son received his first vaccination.
When he went in for his booster-I had fooled myself into thinking I
was prepared for it...and passed out cold again! I did get better the
older the kids got, but I honestly have no clue how I would react if
one of furkids cried out while getting a nail clipped! My vet is
still young and learning and I do not know his preference for taking
blood. When I first started going to him, his policy was to give both
the distemper and rabies shots during the same visit. I insisted on
several weeks apart...and now THAT is his standard policy. I will
have to "insist" about the drawing of blood as well! Thank you Dr.

Judy Cooke
Tyson, Hope and Einstein

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> Judy,
> > Is it okay to ask a question about routine health care here? My
> > are 2 years old and will be going in for their yearly exam and
> > vaccinations. Since they are now 2 years old, is there anything
> > I need to make sure the vet does? I have read that blood tests
> > be taken at age two....I have also read that blood tests aren't
> > necessary.
> I like to do overview bloodwork starting at age 3, especially if
> there are any health concerns.
> They get their rabies and distemper 3 weeks apart-should
> > blood be taken at the same time, or should it be done a couple
> > later?
> It can be done at the same time, if it doesn't stress out the
> ferret too much.
> Should it be drawn or taken by clipping the nail? I would be
> > very interested to read what others recommend for this exam!
> Drawn, please!!! Clipping nails hurts, contaminates the sample
> with other materials, and doesn't provide enough blood. I can
> usually get enough blood from a cephalic, jugular or saphenous vein
> (or combination in those wriggly ones) without anesthesia.
> -Dr. Karen
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