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From: Mary McCarty - Houser
Date: 2001-03-09 17:37:00 UTC
Subject: removing both adrenals

> I was always under the impression, as was one of my vets, that it's
> virtually impossible to find the right adrenal gland unless there's a
> tumor or lesion present. So, how can both be removed if one can't be
> found? I understand the theory in removing both glands in one shot to

Dr. Weiss did most of the my bilaterals until my vet got the cryo
equipment and neither one of them seems to have any trouble seeing the
right gland when it's "normal" sized. It could be because both have done
so many adrenal surgeries, I really couldn't say. I'm sure Dr. Williams
would know better than me <g>

> my question is, what percentage of ferrets would actually need a second
> surgery if only the currently affected gland is removed? Can vets be

The reason I chose to do this and my vets agreed is that I was seeing alot
of my adrenal ferrets having to have a second surgery within 2 months of
the first. Plus, alot of the ferrets were older (more than 6 yo) and I was
trying to avoid a second surgery unless it was absolutely life

So far, all of the ferrets that had both glands removed are doing great
except for one that we lost due to other problems. They have no
recurrances, no need for hormones, etc.

I am not recommending this for everyone, it just works for me since both
my vets have cryosurgery equipment and both are very skilled surgeons with
many adrenal surgeries under their belts.


Mary McCarty-Houser, Director
Pennsylvania Ferret Rescue Association of Centre County

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