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From: Michael Janke
Date: 2001-03-09 17:18:00 UTC
Subject: RE: Right Adrenal Gland??

> I was always under the impression, as was one of my vets, that
> it's virtually impossible to find the right adrenal gland unless
> there's a tumor or lesion present.

I've never observed an adrenal surgery in progress, so I don't speak from
experience, but I've never heard that the right adrenal is impossible to
find if there is no tumor or lesion. Difficult to get at maybe.

Remove both just in case? I don't know if that's the solution either.
Ectopic tissue can be present and I have heard of quite a few cases where
both glands were supposedly removed 100% (don't know how accurate that is)
and signs of adrenal disease eventually returned.

I would request that the surgeon not come out empty handed if neither gland
appeared affected (take the left!), but I don't think I'd ask to remove both
completely without reason.

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