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From: Rosalie Yudelson
Date: 2001-03-09 18:49:00 UTC
Subject: 2 Questions...

Hi-I wrote about a week ago, with the flu, wondering what I could do to
enhance the immune systems of my clan...I got nice responses, but, alas, one
of my kids has watery eyes, sneezing, wheezing, and coughing. It's been
about 10 days since I've been sick,and I believe that the incubation period
is 10-14, now my poor little Angie is sick. She has a
temperature,(although I haven't taken it, she feels hot. What can I do to
make Angie more comfortable till she overcomes this? By the way, she is
eating and pooping normally.

question #2- My little one, Neera, (about 4 mos old) has taken a shine to
Carlo-my 1 yr old male-she NEVER leaves him alone. She wrestles w/ him,
sleeps in his hammock w/him, sometimes he wants to get away from her and
sleeps on another level-but- she always finds him and when she does, she
relentlessly grooms him and bites (gently)
his ears till they're red!!! Anyone else ever see this type of
behaviour???? Is it an attempt to be dominant????

-Rosie and the Clan

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