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From: Caitlyn Martin
Date: 2002-07-05 17:22:22 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] bilateral adrenal questions
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> Eeeks.... I hope you don't think I would ever endanger the lives of my
> ferrets!!!

>From your post I didn't think that you would knowingly endanger the
lives of your ferrets. I've been on enough lists and have been involved
in ferret education long enough (I am the local club Education Chair) to
know that people who aren't well informed make mistakes, sometimes with
truly unfortunate results. I don't know you or your level of knowledge.
I just wanted to express clearly how serious a mistake someone *could*
make in taking away florinef.

FWIW, the more I know the more I realize how much I just don't know
about ferrets. Some people consider me knowledgeable. The only thing I
am sure of is that I don't know enough to make medical decisions without
consulting our vet. Some people have tried to save a few dollars and
skip a vet visit when making medical decisions. When my posts are
strongly worded it's to try to stress just how dangerous that can be.
Please do not take it personally, OK?

> I have never been the best at expressing myself; consistently
> putting my foot in my mouth.

You sound a lot like me :)

> As you noted,
> health concerns should always be referred to a vet. This was merely a
> "what if" question to gain knowledge as a pet owner and a hopeful
> opportunity to remove them from life-long meds if they didn't need
> them.

I have asked similar questions of our vet, particularly about Pertwee,
who is on a four medication cocktail. Our vet's responses distill down
to the fact that Pertwee is doing very well right now and that for way
too much of his life he wasn't doing well at all. If Pertwee is happy
and healthy he doesn't want to change anything and risk upsetting the
balance. So... we stay the course. Oh, and yes, Pertwee is bilateral
and has been for well over two years now. My answer to you was based on
how our vet has responded to similar questions.
> You mentioned Prednisone. Neither of my bilateral ferrets are on
> Prednisone.
> I looked up the records; both ferrets had the 2nd adrenal removed in
> May of
> 2001 and are the picture of health. What does the Prednisone do? If
> they've been healthy for over a year with just Florinef do I really
> need to add it to their regimen?

I'd say if they are healthy and happy that probably means their
electrolytes are in balance. I wouldn't change what works for your
ferts unless your vet has a good reason to change.

I only mentioned prednisone because it is what our vet (and many others)
give in combination with florinef to balance electrolytes. Pertwee is
on florinef and dexamethasone, for what that's worth.
> Thanks for your response and concern.

I hope you now understand where I was coming from. E-mail is very
inexact sometimes. I sure didn't mean to upset you or hurt your
feelings, and if I did I am really sorry.

All the best,