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From: Christine Fixico
Date: 2002-07-06 04:09:11 UTC
Subject: Re:Drawing blood
Message-Id: <>

In response to your question, I don't know which vein they were attempting
to draw from at the vet, but if they were attempting to get blood from the
arm, that could be difficult even if he was being cooperative. Under
anesthesia they would probably take blood from the jugular (neck) which is
easy to do when they're relaxed but can be difficult otherwise. Also, he
should not have to be under anesthetic for very long--only a couple of
minutes so it is quite safe for him. He very well be quite stressed from
the poking (possibly evidenced by the foaming) even though he's cooperative.
Personally, when I know we can't get blood easily from one of mine, I think
it's less stressful for them to be put under anesthetic than restrained and
poked several times. Just my own opinion...