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Date: 2002-07-06 11:38:41 UTC
Subject: RE: Eye problems
Message-ID: <26614186.1025955521816.JavaMail.root@scandium>

The Ferret could have had a scratch on the eye, which led to infection.
> I have used several different remedies for eyes: The first is called
> TriOptic-S, works great. This product is from the vet and contains:
> bacitracin-neomycin; polymyxin with hydrocortisone acetate. I also had an
> animal with 85 percent dried up eye and squinting who did not respond to
> antibacterial ointments. I then treated with sensitive eye drops (when
> awake) and used the ointment when asleep. This was a success. I figured
> the ointment had time to work, without them rubbing the eye, when they're
> asleep.
> This was only my experience with eyes. Hope it helps.
> Oh, yes, the eye drops were Sensitive eye drops for contact wearers.
P>S> Was OTR when the group moved, had to repost :o(