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From: "- Z -"
Date: 2002-09-10 14:40:01 UTC
Subject: using the archives and a suggestion
Message-ID: <>

Hi all,

I just wanted to observe that using those archives really does work
wonders--I had a question about the sniffles and found plenty of answers to
my questions that way (Poor sneezy snuffly Pan, he just has to wait it out
as long as he's eating and drinking fine, which he is). So I urge people to
really work those archives--that's what they're there for!

My suggestion--at the bottom of each email (and I'd assume digest, too)
there's some information about where to send messages, where to post files,
etc. Is it possible to add the URL for the archive there as well? Then
everybody would have it handy all the time.


Regina Harrison or

“Is that my business? Well, what is my business? Do I know? Did I ever
know? Let’s not go into that. You’re not human tonight, Marlowe. Maybe I
never was or ever will be... Maybe we all get like this in the cold
half-lit world where always the wrong thing happens and never the right.
--Raymond Chandler, The Little Sister

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