Message Number: SG141 | New FHL Archives Search
Date: 2002-07-06 19:23:25 UTC
Subject: RE: As you leave Yahoo
Message-ID: <1718782.1025983405550.JavaMail.root@scandium>

Author wrote:
> The only working feature on the yahoo site doesn't require you be a
member to use it. (the archives)
> As you join here please unsub from there as it will make it easier
to track who hasn't made it over.

I have tried to access the Yahoo archives and it says

"Sorry, this group is available to members ONLY.
You are not allowed to access this group."

Can someone tell me how to get into the archives or have they been moved
to SmartGroups.


[Moderator's Note: The message archives are being moved to an independent server with its own search engine. I think everyone will be pleased with the result. More on this when it's ready.]