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Date: 2002-09-19 13:12:58 UTC
Subject: tumor on tongue
Message-ID: <29059604.1032441178729.JavaMail.root@scandium>

new surrender with many troubles, including a growth on his tongue. he has=
insulinoma and isn't exactly feeling perky despite being on pred for nearl=
y two weeks if surgery ever is an option it isn't right now! :) =
martin is having a hard time eating. LOTS of tlc, including fluids, mushie=
, snuggling, begging, pleading and cajoling has him on solid chow again, bu=
t boy is he having a hard time. unfortunately this growth, located on the =
center of the tongue, about the middle of overall length, is "tall" enough =
to lay over and get in the way of his crunching teeth. chewing the silly t=
hing can't be any fun! doc's opinion: he's seen this kind of tumor before=
and it's never good (grows until it takes over); since he has insulinoma a=
nd is overall unstable we decided removal might never be an option. any ad=
vise to offer to help this fellow be more comfortable? his spirits are up =
and he's not ready to leave us yet; i'd just like to make him more comforta=
ble. any pain relief available for this fellow? could be temporary (think=
ing anbesol) or systemic. thx!