Message Number: SG149 | New FHL Archives Search
Date: 2002-07-07 11:57:34 UTC
Subject: A little tip
Message-ID: <24172314.1026043054299.JavaMail.root@scandium>

If you miss the way Yahoo displayed messages and find it annoying to have to go back and select "List by Date" each time, try using this link...

If you use this link as your entry into the group, it will put you right into the list by date message display. The only difference is that Smartgroups displays the newest on top instead of adding them to the bottom like Yahoo. There doesn't appear to be a way to change the sort on that.

If you don't have cookies enabled (i.e. you have to log in each time you visit)then the above link probably won't work.

Also, for those that like the way Smartgroups keeps all discussions threaded, note that if you change the subject line ever so slightly, that message will not become part of the current thread but will become a new thread.