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From: "- Z -"
Date: 2002-09-30 15:46:04 UTC
Subject: foamy fries passing through in chunks?
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I noticed some odd stool in the litterbox this morning--it looked like and
had the texture of chewed and hardened gum, and was about the color of a
foamy fry. Since I gave the guys a foamy fry a day or so previously, I'd
guess that's what it was. I'd say about 2/3 of a normal sized bowel
movement was composed of foamy fry. For you people who give ferrets foamy
fries, is this normal? It concerns me a bit because if all that was in the
ferret's digestive tract, he probably wasn't eating anything else, and I
can't imagine that it felt all that comfortable going through. Plus it made
me worry about the possibility of a blockage.

I don't know for sure which ferret passed the stool, but I suspect Pan
because he is the more enthusiastic about foamy fries, and he's had a touchy
digestive system since day one. He also passed some pretty liquid stool a
few hours before this other stool showed up. Pan came from the pet store
with runny green poop but a fecal test showed nothing abnormal (of course,
ECE occured to me, but Pan was otherwise healthy, Seti has always had normal
stool, and all the stool in the kits' enclosure at the store looked normal).
I worry extra about this guy--I picked him because he was the runt of the
bunch and looked like he needed a helping hand, and although he's grown to
be quite large he still gets sick easily (already had the flu this fall).
Since he also tends to chew on stuff he shouldn't, I'd like to be able to
give him the foamy fries, but not if they are too much for his system...

Regina, worrywort extraordinaire

Regina Harrison or

“Is that my business? Well, what is my business? Do I know? Did I ever
know? Let’s not go into that. You’re not human tonight, Marlowe. Maybe I
never was or ever will be... Maybe we all get like this in the cold
half-lit world where always the wrong thing happens and never the right.
--Raymond Chandler, The Little Sister

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