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Date: 2002-07-08 03:24:45 UTC
Subject: An Introduction
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Hi all,
I am new to the list and thought that I would introduce myself.
My name is Lisa and erm, I am addicted to Ferrets. *sigh*
That was not as hard as I thought it would be. :)

I got my first Ferret in early spring. I am a dog groomer on the
weekends at a pet shop (brokerage assistant during the regular work week). Back in March, they had a silver ferret in a cage, that had been turned in by the owner. He had apparently taken a liking to parakeets-on-the-perch, as a snack food. They traded him in for another parakeet. (go figure) Anyway, we named him Loki and he is a real sweety, they said under a year old, this is plausable as he is rather small and teeth are quite clean. (unless parakeet feathers do wonders for dentition).

A month or so later, enter ferret number 2. She is an albino girl that also was somewhere between 9 months and a year old...very tiny tho. We bonded and she joined our little family, where she promptly made Loki run and scream when she tried to play with him. Adaption took a little while and now they are best friends. Her name is Muse.

While searching the want ads for a Ferret condo, I spy an Ad for (what I thought) was just what we wanted. The catch, the Ferret came with it. I was aprehensive at first, until I met Mikey...he has the sweetest temperament that the gods ever gave a Ferret.
(someday someone needs to ask me about his name, very prophetic story)..oh yeah, Mikey is a dark sable, Marshall Ferret fellow.

Then last weekend, my husband, of all people, sees a baby ferret that he fell in love with. A little light sable boy that we named Shiva. Bite training is coming along fine, as is the litter box...

We all say hello and we are glad to be here, looking forward to learning much.