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Date: 2002-07-08 16:03:41 UTC
Subject: Posting for Amanda
Message-ID: <22417159.1026144221331.JavaMail.root@scandium>

Amanda is having trouble posting so I'm posting for her.
We just went through an illness with our ferrets, seemed like flu bug to me.
First one got sick, then the other got sick just as the first was getting better. It took about 10 days for it to go through the 3 of them. They all appear fine now, but my vet ran across something he hadn't seen in ferrets. Our 3 year old Kaya has a lot of yeast in her stool. He said this is normal in dogs and cats but not ferrets. He suggested broccoli to counteract the yeast. I am also trying to put some weight on her, she seems
to have lost some with the flu. So I made a mixture of chicken and broccoli baby food, whipping cream, ferretvite, and ground kibble. She loves it.
But I know that ferrets digestive systems are not made to digest vegetables, so what should I do?
Has anyone ever experienced this yeast thing with their ferts, or have any vets seen this? My vet made mention that it may be due to a GI problem (IBD ?)
She is acting normal. She eats, drinks, plays, sleeps, poos - All normal!!
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