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From: Pam Sessoms
Date: 2002-07-08 22:37:36 UTC
Subject: preggers jill - possible to tell when?
Message-ID: <>

Hey all,

I'll spare everyone the full history here, but long story short, I have a
pregnant rescue jill in my spare bedroom, have no first-hand experience,
only book-reading, and could use some advice.

Is there a way to tell how soon she may give birth based on the following
(assuming it's not a false pregnancy)? The breeding date is unknown. Her
nipples are very large, her vulva is slightly swollen and looks a bit
"opened up", and her coat is very short like it has already blown.

There are pics in the Files section if anyone can take a look. Folder is
called Tori, and there are 3 pictures. The one called "closeup" shows her
nipples and vulva. Here is the address to start from:

She is very agitated, probably from being moved around so much and from
the smells of strange ferrets being in the room before her (it's empty of
them now but I'm sure the smells linger). She has a quiet room to herself
with several suitable dark, private nesting areas and an open cage door.
She is biting me when I attempt to touch things that she thinks I
shouldn't - blankies, food dishes, etc. Rough time-frame? Any time?
Any change that means it's happening right away?

She's probably around 2 years old and reportedly has eaten two prior
litters. She had poor nutrition before the breeding and for the first
part of the pregnancy and has had about a week of Marshalls. Since I have
had her (less than 24 hours), she's started on Bob's Chicken Gravy and
enjoys it. What else should I do?

Lastly, if she abandons the kits or they otherwise need a foster mom, does
anyone have or know of any kind soul with a lactating jill within a few
hours from Chapel Hill, NC that may possibly help?

*biting fingernails*

-Pam S.