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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2002-10-06 21:00:33 UTC
Subject: Re: Kit
Message-Id: <p05111702b9c65221e9bc@[]>

There are no recorded cases of actual strokes in ferrets is I recall
right from Bruce William's work.

What have been seen are thromboses (which can means that the ferret
has complicated heart or kidney disease that needs treatment or is
advanced, though it may be possible that compounds (like licorice
root) might increase the risk of doing this by causing heart
misbehavior, or by increasing clotting too much. The chances of
throwing two at the same time, going to one forelimb and the forelimb
on the opposite side is just vanishingly small, though, so I really
doubt that happened.

It one was thrown to the brain that is not he pattern you'd see. The
head and limbs are controlled by opposite sides of the brain (so you
have see R limb or trunk weakness with L face weakness, but not the
alternating limbs.

I'd think about injury, or something systemic like an illness which
was hidden, a toxin/poison, or insulinoma that was masked by the Pred
as being among the possibles.

With the shivering has her temperature been taken in case she has an
infection? If there is a temp over 102 to 103 then she has a fever.
Fevers are our friends (except when unusually high) because they
create an environment that helps kill off the invading organisms by
being too hot for them.

When usually high then the vet can tell you ways to lower the fever
with cool wraps and the like, but most fevers are not too high.