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From: Christine
Date: 2002-07-09 01:38:20 UTC
Subject: ADV testing
Message-Id: <>

I don't want to start any problems here, but I think it is very important
to discuss the reliability of the current tests available for
ADV--especially when it could be so life changing for us and our ferrets.
I recently sent blood samples in to Avecon for the ELISA test. Three of
five came back positive. Immediately I drew more blood (directly from the
vein--no toe clipping either time) and sent four (the three that were
positive plus one of the negatives) samples to United for CEP testing. All
the results came back negative.
I would like to know, in everyone's opinion--what should I believe?? It
sounds like the majority of the community relies more on the United test
than on Avecon. This is no small discrepancy here--three possibly false
negatives in one batch? These ferrets have all (except one) been in another
home but I don't think any of them have had contact with others, except of
course as kits. This does not eliminate them from having ADV, but the less
exposure to other ferrets, certainly the less the risk. Also, I have a pair
(probably 4-6 years old) that was raised together, whom I have had the
longest and with the Avecon test one tested positive and one negative. That
was unexpected.
Not being a shelter, I don't have too many newcomers into my house, but
obviously this test could eliminate the possibility of ever having a new
one or even interacting (me or my ferrets!) with other ferrets in the area.
So I would like to hear some more opinions on these tests, and how you would
deal with these results if they were your personal ferrets...