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From: "Dana Bino"
Date: 2002-07-09 01:52:12 UTC
Subject: geriatric care
To: <>
Message-ID: <001201c226eb$3ec0fbc0$>

This is my first posting and I have a general question and one fairly

First, anyone with experience or knowledge about caring for healthy but
older ferrets please send it my way :-)

More specifically, I am adopting 3 older ferrets, 4,5, and 7. The oldest
boy narrowly escaped being put down by an inexperienced vet. His only
health problem is occasional weakness due to hypoglycemia currently being
treated with bottle feedings of karo and water by his current owner. Any

I'm adopting these guys with relatively little knowledge of their geriatric=

needs. I've been out of ferret rescue and fostering for 15 years and back
then my biggest problem was finding homes for unwanted unaltered animals--o=
course they were altered before I sent them out.

Anyway, these wonderful older furries are going to be with me for the
duration and no doubt I'll seek your wisdom in the future as well as now.

Dana Bino