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Date: 2002-07-09 17:27:17 UTC
Subject: RE: Distemper
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Dear Danee:

I recently received tissues from a relatively large outbreak of distemper affecting multiple households which housed rescue ferrets. I received only a tissues from only a portion of the animals (13); the total of affected and killed animals was significantly higher. This outbreak, like many others, was precipitated by introduction of an unvaccinated animal into a rescue operation in which there were likely numerous other unvaccinated animals. The predisposition toward vaccination of the operator of the rescue is not known, nor is the vaccination history of the other animals in the household. But the reality of the situation is that many animals died needlessly.

While there are multiple distemper strains out there, vaccination is cross-protective against all of them. Any assertions to the contrary are dangerously untrue.

With kidnest regards,

Bruce Williams,d VM

But, someone that does not believe in it claims her vet told
> her that there are multiple strains of distemper, and the vaccination is
> only effective against one of them.
> Is this true?
> Danee