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Date: 2002-10-29 03:12:55 UTC
Subject: RE: Paracetamol (Acetaminophen) poisoning
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Dear Ulrike:

The progress is due mainly to the amount given - but it usually takes 24 hours or more, and it is not pretty. Tylenol is a hepatotoxin in ferrets, cats, and most other pet species (and is not the safest drug for humans).

The terminal drop in body temperature is a sign of shock, not of the effects of the drug.

If this owner succeeded in administering tylenol, they likely succeeding in killing their ferret.

With kindest regards,

Bruce Williams,dVM
Author wrote:
> Does anybody know how Paracetamol/ Acetaminophen poisoning would progress in
> a ferret and how quickly it would/ could kill the ferret? Could it cause a
> drop in body temperature to the point where the temperature is below normal
> values? Fast heart rate, difficulty breathing, very depressed and lethargic
> ferret. Very smelly diarrhoea. No vomiting though. The owner tried to
> give the ferret paracetamol, I don't know if she succeeded so I asked her
> again but the ferret was very sick and died at the vets.