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From: Gail Elsey
Date: 2002-10-29 03:00:10 UTC
Subject: Fw: 7 surrender
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Sukie and other moderators, if this isn't accepted, I nderstand. But it is medically related and I think everyone should know. My vet was surprised that all 7 tested positive, but thanked me for keeping him updated. In fact, he is now going to include the saliva test in his regular first timers check up! Better than nothing...

Honestly, I thought long and hard about posting this. However, I have decided to so that the community is more aware of the dangers of disease out there. Please remember, these are not my ferrets, but surrenders that were left in a small cat carrier outside a cat/dog shelter with a note that said "Developed allergies" here in N. NJ. Please remember that these ferrets could have been any of ours...of yours...or your friends. And remember most of all, they are ferrets--just like the ones we have.
----(Sunday Evening)

I got a call from Angel Paws Cat and Dog Shelter. Someone left 7 ferrets in a cat carrier on the step of the shelter. They asked if I could help (got me off Pet Finder). I told them that I couldn't promise anything, but if they brought them by I would look them over, sex, age, and health check.

1 black sable male (big, 2-3 years)

2 tiny black sable females (think Bonnie) 2-3 and 3-4 (the 2-3 yr. old had double cataracts)

1 cinnamon male, spinal injury. Could walk, but flops. Obvious break. Climbs and uses the litter box (2-3 years)

1 huge albino male (4 lbs or so) 2-3 years

1 silver mitt male (4-5 years)

1 marked white male (5+ years) had a runny nose, but paw pads looked good.

I called a fellow member, but she was working. I called another for advice. We decided we could take them, place the younger, and keep the cinnamon and sable (blind) with another member or me or someone. Very sweet ferrets all. They adored attention, gave kisses and ear snuffles, and wanted to play. Nails were curled under, had fleas, coats rough, but stools look normal in the litter box. The sick one, we weren't sure of, but would try to get medical attention for the baby.

I ADV tested them.

They were all positive.

I am in tears, called ____. She said we would call the ADV shelter and we would send them there. I am in tears. Poor babies. I am bleaching the kitchen floor. Nobody touched my cages or ferrets, no poops here, but I am being safe. I am in tears.


Flash to today...

The shelter took the sick one today, will take the rest on Tuesday (have to shuffle around the room). Angel Paws rescue kept the babies until then. I donated a cage, liter, food, supplements, bedding, hammocks, etc. If I could have, I would have given a forever home. But, I have to think of my babies and I cannot do that.

What is surprising is that they all tested positive. Usually, so I hear and read, some are not affected. These sweet little babies brought home to me the enormous problem of ADV. And their isn't their fault they are sick. They are the innocent victims of this horrible disease. Am I afraid of ADV? Yes. Will I turn a blind eye? No. If I didn't test, they would have been accepted into my foster care. Does testing make a difference? When I look at the faces of the 11 I have in my care, I know it makes a difference. Do the ferrets who have ADV deserve to be abandoned? No. Thank God for the hospice and shelters dedicated to these babies. they deserve to live and be loved. I know I personally love 7 little angels with all my heart. I will go visit them this weekend, hopefully get to name them, and tell them that I love them. I am still in tears while writing this.