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Date: 2002-07-11 00:55:23 UTC
Subject: Inexperienced vet has me worried
Message-ID: <22956554.1026348923803.JavaMail.root@scandium>

Hi everyone. I have joined this mailing group because I'm having a problem with my ferret's current vet. My oldest ferret has lost a lot of weight and has been suffering yellow smelly diarrhea for a month now. The vet has prescribed an antibiotic called Clindamycin Hydrochloride Drops manufactured for Phoenix Pharmaceutical, Inc. The antibiotic is intended for use with dogs and cats, but my vet assured me it will be safe for my 4 year old ferret. Still, I am afraid to give it to him. Does anyone know anything about this drug? I worry that the vet has no basis to prescribe this medication. Tests are still under way to diagnose my ferret's illness and I have heard that giving ferrets antibiotics without knowing what the problem is may harm them in the long run. Am I just being paranoid or do I have reason to worry? Please let me know if you have had a similar experience.