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Date: 2002-07-11 00:55:21 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] Digest 10 Jul 2002 23:56:23 -0000 Issue 16
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In a message dated 07/10/02 7:56:47 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

> I live in a very rural area. The veterinarian here is admittedly
> "not up" on Ferrets. I went in and asked him if he could order the Purevac
> ferret vaccine for mine. He said he had never had any trouble using the
> canine distemper...I just said I would feel more comfortable with the
> ferret one. He has them on order and will call me when it comes in. My
> question a routine physical, what should he be doing/checking?
> This way, in case anything is left out, I could ask him to do it. The
> oldest ferret "Mikey" just turned a year a week ago.

I applaud your decision to ask for the approved vaccine. While the vaccines
used for dogs are often used in ferrets, Purevac has been studied and
approved for ferrets.

He should be doing a complete physical, just as he would do for any other
animal. The abdomen, musculature, lymph nodes, etc should be palpated (felt)
for abnormalities. The chest should be carefully listened to and felt for
normal compressibility. The mouth, ears, nose, eyes, etc should all be
checked. At this age, I do not routinely run bloodwork, but a stool sample
should be checked for any parasites.

Other tests should be done as indicated by the results of the physical exam.

Also, I strongly recommend giving the rabies and distemper vaccines at
separate visits, at least two weeks apart. And do wait in the office for at
least a half hour after the vaccines are given in case of reactions.

You may wish to consider purchasing an up to date veterinary text and loaning
or giving it to your vet, so that recent information is available.

> I bathe them about every 10 days to two weeks,I alternate between a ferret
> flea shampoo and a moisturizing shampoo, I find no more than a couple of
> fleas on any one of them. They are still scratching like crazy, no hair
> loss. Can a drop or two of the canine "advantage" be used? I am guessing
> probably not, but thought I would ask.
First of all, yes, Advantage can be used on ferrets, although it is not
labelled for use on them. I usually use three drops. Secondly, bathing
ferrets as often as you are doing will dry their skin, making them itchy. My
ferrets rarely get bathed, and it's usually because I'm about to take them to
a show.

Dr. Ruth
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