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Date: 2002-07-11 03:41:42 UTC
Subject: RE: Essiac for Lymphoma
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Author wrote:
> Hi,
> Last question, I promise! My friend's ferret is 5 years old and just diag=
> with Lympho, as a result of a biopsy taken from an enlarged gastric lymph=
> All the ingredients in Timmy's Tonic are worrisome. Essiac supposedly hel=
> with Lympho and only has a few ingredients.
> Has anybody had success with using Essiac for Lympho?
> Thanks!
> Dodie in NJ
I can only speak for myself and a few of my friends who have tried the Essi=
ac and has had great successes with it...My Taz was diagnosed with Lymphoma=
at the age of 5 also... it nearly killed me since she was my only ferret a=
nd I loved her just too much to just sit around till her symptoms got worse=
as were the instructions from Vet #1.. Vet #2 used an agressive treatment =
plan with her and put her on 1.5cc Pred 2 x day... which was increased in t=
ime to 3.0 cc 2 x day..I did research the Essiac that was recommended by se=
veral friends.. my vet was skeptical about this but said there were no toxi=
c ingredients in it so since she was terminal anyway to just go ahead and u=
se it.. I had noticed when I started using the Essiac several months later =
it also made a huge difference in her.. her lymph nodes in her shoulders de=
creased in size, she had more energy, she just seemed to feel so much bette=
r... my vet did not want me to take her off the combination of Pred and Es=
siac.. by the way, she was on a large dose of Essiac 2 x day also.. He feel=
s the combination was able to decrease the tumors and after doing a biopsy =
of the lymph nodes the cancer was still there but was dormant... she lived=
an additional 16 months with this treatment...she got the essiac faithfull=
y 2x day for the whole 16 months.. Oh, she also had insulinoma but with t=
he high dose of Pred he felt the essiac was ok to use...we monitored her gl=
ucose regularly because of this. I now have another ferret who has adrenal,=
insulinoma and Lymphoma and he is getting the exact treatment plan as Taz =
and so far it has been working.. Even though Harvey's glucose gets as low a=
s 40 he has never crashed. Now I know this treatment plan works well for me=
and cannot guarantee it will do the same for others but we all look for so=
mething that will give our guys with terminal illnesses the best quality of=
life. =

Jackie and her crew of 7 =