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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2002-11-19 00:31:33 UTC
Subject: Re: Dexamethasone Conversion
Message-Id: <a05200f01b9ff337bc0b4@[]>

On the med it will say how many mg per ml there is. That is
absolutely needed for the math. If it doesn't say then the office
staff should have access to that info.

Do you have scale? Once the concentration is known then it will be
essential to know the ferret's weight. If you don't have a metric
scale then a conversion from ounces to kilograms will need to be done.

That amount ranges by a factor of 2. How does the vet want it done?
Start low and see if it works, or what? Is there another vet or some
office staff who can read the records and get back to you with any
clarifications you may need? That seems like a logical thing to do
in this case.

A cc is a cubic centimeter (a cube which is a centimeter long on each
side) which is also an ml, a volume measurement. mg and kg are
weight measurements.

IM is an intramuscular injection, so you need to give it into muscle.

You need to find out the concentration (mg per ml) and the ferret's
weight (in kg or converted to kg) to get the cc measurement range
that you need.

I don't have my texts handy to check the figures.