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Date: 2002-07-11 14:59:40 UTC
Subject: Lymphnode Biopsy Question - Please reply
Message-ID: <15292217.1026399580951.JavaMail.root@scandium>

I took Pam to the vet yesterday for a biopsy. It seems she has a few pairs of enlarged lymphnodes, all in her lower half. The two in the groin area are very large (I mean BIG) but when I picked her up after the surgery, I saw they only removed one small one from the back of her leg.
Is this normal practice? I called before the surgery to tell the vet for the past few days, Pams stools have been "thinner" and I wondered if it was the large lymphnodes in the abdomen pressing up against something. Is that possible? I am guessing he didn't think that was too important. What do you think?
Question about treatments: Whether it is cancer or not, will future treatments (possibly prednisone and cyn-something?) shrink the lymphnodes or stop them from growing?
Thank you ~ Lisa