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Date: 2002-07-12 02:16:02 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] Possible juvenile lymphoma
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hello there.
We here at our home have had the same problem with one of our ferrets. Callie
is about 3 years old and same thing happened had major congestion and we
thought it was a cold and would clear up. We were wrong. She is know on
preg, antihistamines and antibiotics...This has been on going for 6-8 weeks
but took the agressive route this time. X-rays showed some minor shadows
around her lungs but vets didn't seem overly concerned about that. Anyway
needless to say she is fine or near fine....It seemed for a few weeks that
things would not improve but they have.
We are also feeding a/d food from the vet which is a high protein canned food
for kittens and puppies as we felt that with such congestion she couldn't
smell the food or have any desire to eat it with low energy level. Hope this
helps you out a bit but we found that taking the agressive route was best.
Best of luck . Heidi, Callie,Calvin and Caleb.