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Date: 2002-12-02 17:04:40 UTC
Subject: Post-op ferret now vomiting
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My poor little guy, what a week it's been.
After taking him back to the vet for an xray on - (showed no blockage)
but they decided to go in for a look anyway and found a very inflamed,
twisted bowell! - no wonder he wasn't feeling too good.
They managed to untiwst it and he is eating and recouperating
extremely well. Still at the vets for monitoring - but hopefully I'll have him
back home tomorrow.
My vet was amazed, has never seen this in a ferret before - does
anyone have any idea how it may have occured?
Many thanks to everyone for their replies and helpful advice.

After bringing him home on Friday, he was almost back to his old self, running around and looking bright as a button.
The next day he was very lethargic again, and once again not interested in eating. I rang the vet on Saturday and he seemed to think he had probably just overdone it a little when he came home, suggested I monitor him for the weekend , hand feeding and if no improvement will have to take him back in.
Sunday & this morning he gradually started to improve again, eating readily and his energy level starting to pick up again & I once again started to feel a bit of relief. Then tonight he has gone back down hill again, vomiting everytime he even looks at food.
The vet prescribed baytril 0.2ml orally once daily when I bought him home, but getting him to keep it down is an uphill battle.
So, off to the vet again tomorrow, if anyone has any advice before then, it would be much appreciated.