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Date: 2002-12-02 18:55:30 UTC
Subject: paper eater
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Here's a slight variation on the usual cloth-eater story--I have a paper ea=
ter in my 9 month old Pan. He doesn't eat entire sheets of paper or cardbo=
ard, but does chew corners and edges and appears to ingest what he chews. =
I'm a) trying to keep all paper out of reach, although that isn't s=3Do=3D2=
0easy when Seti likes to stash everything that isn't nailed down under the=3D=
=3D20bed and b) giving extra hairball rememdy whenever I find chewed paper,=
though I have yet to see identifiable paper in the litter. Luckily he does=
n't chew newspaper, since that's what they use for litter, but he chews=3D=3D=
20office paper, book covers, envelopes and videotape boxes--basically, the =
stuff Seti puts under the bed. For some reason he leaves magazines alone,=3D=
=3D20though maybe that's because Seti also tends to leave them alone. Has =
anyon=3De=3D20ever encountered serious problems from chewing paper? I'm a b=
it worried about inks and dyes, and also wonder if the inside of his tummy =
is starting=3D=3D20to look like papier mache :-(ReginaRegina Harrison regi= or regina@channel1.com
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