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From: "Ferret Daddy"
Date: 2002-12-03 07:19:29 UTC
Subject: Followup to Hair-loss patterns? And Adrenal (or other) questions
To: <>
Message-ID: <019101c29a9c$527266c0$>

Question: Ferret Mommy just brought up an interesting point - are there any
current drugs out there that can cause a temporary alleviation of the
SYMPTOMS of Adrenal, including the hairloss? Not that we are considering
anything like that, Teddie will get whatever treatment he needs, but since
he came to us from someone that had him for 2 days after being given him at
PAWS (an animal shelter here in WA). I'm wondering if his original owners
might have given him some treatment to mask his symptoms, including the
hairloss, just long enough for him to be fobbed off on someone? I know,
quite a stretch, but from what I've been reading lately, it just seems like
Teddie is going downhill much faster than I would expect.

Ferret Daddy & the FBR Gang