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Date: 2002-07-12 08:21:21 UTC
Subject: FYI....
Message-ID: <1737344.1026462081288.JavaMail.root@scandium>

Hello everyone I have been MIA. I am sorry. I have been reading everyone's=
e-mails though:) Just wanted to give you the update on the fur butts. Ol=
dest to youngest. Griffin had a growth on his neck. I had it cauterized (O=
UCH) and then sent to be biopsied. It got lost in the mail. How wonderful!=
! So I hoped that it wouldn't grow back..IT HAS!!! Bigger as well. So tom=
orrow we go to the Vet to get it looked at again. I did pop it when it sti=
ll had a scab on it. He had been itching/scratching it. Little beads of ???=
came out of it. I have since been cleaning it with Hydrogen Peroxide and N=
eosporayn (How is that for bad spelling:)). Oh but he is over his cold (Th=
nax to Osiris) and he is much more livlier. Chloe is doing great!!! Still =
same old little stinker. She came and played in the shower with me tonight=
. (She hates getting wet but loves the water, go figure!!) Kassia, is star=
ting to become less skiddish. Her and Osiris are hilarious in their rompin=
g. She still wants to take her food and run with it. I am trying to teach =
her that the food will not be taken from her and she can eat it by the bowl=
. Now onto the rotten one. Osiris.....He goes to get his Rabies shot tomor=
row as well. WOO HOO No more shots (cross your fingers) until next year. =
He is soo big!!!! He is already bigger than Kassia who is bigger than Chloe=
. I think he will become my new fat boy!!! He has got to be atleast 2lbs:=
) and her is only 4months. His paws are huge. Now before anyone starts sn=
ickering. My Griffin is 2.6lbs. I thought he was a big fat boy until YOU =
ALL here started talking about your big fatty's that are like 4 and 5 lbs. =
:) hehehehe Osiris thinks of me as his own personnal laep toy. I think h=
e gets a kick out of running and leaping for my legs. Doesn't matter where=
I am standing or where he is standing.......I turn and there he is, nothin=
g but air:)

OK I am going on vacation starting Saturday and I probally will not be chec=
king my e-mail but for those of you that have stuck this e-mail out to the =
end TAKE CARE!!!!

I am sorry for everyone that has lost anyone!!!
Take a deep breath and knwo that A) They are in a better place B) They mi=
ss you too BUT they get to see you all the time even if you can't see them:=

-Staci, Osiris, Kassia, Chloe & Griffin - The Ferts