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Date: 2002-12-05 04:39:11 UTC
Subject: Re: end stage liver
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Dr. Murray,

> Yes, sometimes with cancer and other diseases of the
> liver there is major damage without liver enzyme elevation
> on the bloodwork.

Thank you for your response. This confirms my suspicions.

Patty said,
>"Usually there will be other signs, jaundice, edema
>and ascites ( fluid filled abdomen)."

My ferret also suffered from IBD and we attributed the bloated belly to that condition since the bloodwork was unremarkable.

Angie said,
> "My vet suggested using milkthistle and I have to
>say that he as done a complete 180!"

I've had a vet prescribe this also. For another ferret, it greatly helped her.

Mary said,
>boris' big waterballoon tummy. the vet said the x-ray showed
>fluid but the furosemide doesn't seem to be making any

Several of us have found that it requires huge doses of lasix to control edema. Dancing Bear required 44 mg daily! This is way above the maximum limit. DB lived for a couple years while being treated in this manner. Prior to the aggressive lasix dosage, DB was gaining over 100 grams DAILY in fluid buildup. Fluid can be a killer. Talk to your vet about a stronger dose of lasix, perhaps even exceeding the typical dose. It's a fairly safe "dose to effect" drug per my former vet.