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Date: 2002-12-10 04:32:37 UTC
Subject: Need Ulcer help
Message-ID: <29542595.1039494757317.JavaMail.root@scandium>

Mittens my 3 yr old neutered male has ulcers.
My vet isn't very experienced with ferrets and I have done
alot of research lately to help him with this conclusion (tarry stools, grinding teeth). Now the real problem.
>From what I understand, the current treatment is Amoxicillian,
Carafate, and a bland diet. Currently I am giving Mittens who weighs (now) 2.1 lbs a .2cc dosage of Amoxi-drops liquid (50mg/mL concentration) twice daily,
Carafate liquid (1gm/10mL) 1/8th teaspoon 4 times daily
and Chicken baby food about 10 mins after the Carafate.
He still eats his kibble on his own occasionally,
though how much I can't determine. PLEASE, please help me find out if the dosages are correct and any additional advice.