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Date: 2002-12-13 01:15:41 UTC
Subject: Need Advise Surg or Euth
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I have a approx 4 year old female. I have been rehabbing for at least 1 year
on and off. She is considered an immune challenged ferret. Recently she had
decreased eating at the shelter. I picked her up from shelter on Tuesday
evening. Usually when she doesn't eat she just wants to come back to my
house. She will usually do this every couple of months. This time is
different. I realized Tuesday evening something wasn' t the same. I have
been trying to feed her but she could take in alot and appeared to be in
pain. Took her to the vet. She has an obstruction of some sort. Or mass.
Problem with this is she is already in a very depressed state. Probably from
not eating enough nutritionally because of the pain. While at the vet. The
vet and I decided to let her go to the bridge. When the vet left to see
another patient. She usually gives me time with the ones that need help to
the bridge. Ms. Furbie went to the bathroom.... So, I couldn't do it.. We
left... I really need to make a decision by the morning. Chances are she
won't make it though surg.. But, there is always a chance she will. I do
know it will make a difference if I am with her. What do I do? I talk with
the shelter she is from. But, I just couldn't do it tonight. Am I being
selfish? Probably because I just lost 2 rehabs weeks apart almost a month
ago.... It's a coin toss..... The vet will do the surg... If she were
stronger mined (Ms. Furbie) this would not be a problem.. She is a fragile
ferrets.... Please some suggestions... I am stuck... The ball is in my
hands.... One way I want her to go then again. I want her to have the
surg.... Please advise.