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Date: 2002-12-15 04:40:47 UTC
Subject: RE: Pred bellies & IBD Questions
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This is only from my experience, and I've had a bit, but this may not apply in every case.

I've never liked the term "pred belly" and it seems to be a bit of a misnomer. In my opinion, they get fat overall and not just the belly, though the fat does tend to be more apparent there. Two months seems pretty quick to develop the weight from pred usage. It's always seemed much more gradual over a longer period of time in my experience.

I don't find their stomach to be hard in these cases. Are you sure you're not feeling an enlarged spleen? These often feel pretty hard, though they're somewhat well defined and don't cause an overall hardness of the abdomen... unless it's really huge I guess.


Author wrote:
> Can someone please tell me exactly what a pred belly looks like & how soon
> after going on pred can a ferret get it. Is it a hard tummy like if you
> filled a balloon with water or is it fairly squishy perhaps like half of the
> water is out of the balloon? Can a ferret get a pred belly in 2 months
> after going on pred?