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Date: 2002-07-01 23:40:20 UTC
Subject: Nice Group!!

I can certainly understand your point of view. Frolicking Ferrets also left Yahoo and went to MSN. We're much happier there. Yahoo really messed up when they made all their changes. I only hope they will get their act together soon as I still have a few other groups (non-ferret-related) I host there and would hate to see my members lose interest because Yahoo is so awful. Well, either way, I wish you all the best of luck! Of course, now I'll need a new code to put on our website to steer people this way! lol!!


Author wrote:
> Bonny,
> Yes, we exhausted every possible resource before choosing smartgroups. Every
> group server has at least one fake FHL sitting on it now. I decided I was
> fed up with Yahoo, and the rumor that it was going to a pay service, which
> would have ment no-ads and good support, were just rumors.
> By mid-march I had the support of the other moderators. Smartgroups was
> the first place I looked, in fact there is a fake FHL here to. I sort of
> forgot about them until Mike took a look and suggested I look again. With
> the experience of now knowing what everyone has to offer, and having joined
> and read countless trouble shooting lists for countless groups. I chose
> smartgroups.
> The mods have been playing for not quite a month. All the bugs are pretty
> much worked out. We made a few small sacrifices leaving Yahoo, but the
> ads had gotten so bad I won't miss it.
> The first FHL will always be my heart. I made it from nothing like a small
> miracle. The new FHL, I hope will be my Home.
> So, welcome to my house everyone, keep your feet off the sofa and play nice.
> Kisdafur (formerly Boiheart)
> Founder - Ferret Health List