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From: "Larry McFarlane"
Date: 2002-12-17 02:52:45 UTC
Subject: Concern about Alix
To: "Ferret Health List" <>
Message-ID: <008301c2a577$60c1cc80$>

I have a question. I got home this evening and let the big group out, in =
which my little Alix resides. To bring you up to date on her health: Alix=
had a mast cell tumor off her ear in March, adrenal surgery three months a=
go. She also started losing her eyesight in March and is now blind with ca=
taracts. I've noticed lately that she's been losing weight, so she was int=
o the vet's on Friday, diagnosed with insulinoma and possibly pancreatitis.=

Anyway, she was in the kitchen with me, I was fixing her and her group the =
chicken gravy when I picked her up. I noticed immediately the end of her t=
ail was bent, and to my horror discovered a tooth mark on the tip, and it l=
ooks as though the tip of her tail is almost cut off. I don't know how thi=
s happened! There's nothing in their cage that has any edges or she could =
get caught on. When I gave her the pedia pred this morning I put her direc=
tly back into a hammock. I went through the sheet they were all sleeping i=
n this morning and discovered poop in there, so don't know if 2 others got =
into it and she was in the middle, and her tail took the brunt or what. Ha=
s anyone had a ferret do this to another? I have a call into my vet, but h=
e never answered, so will be on the phone in the morning. Do you think the=
tip will fall off on it's own, or we might have to have it amputated? Thi=
s has boggled me totally, because she's one of my special kids.

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