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From: Nancy Propper
Date: 2002-07-13 00:21:39 UTC
Subject: Need Help ASAP: Ferret W/ Kidney Problems; Crystals in Bladder
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I received this e-mail yesterday(see below). I have
had no experience whatsoever with a ferret with this
type of ailment. Michelle gave me permission to post
it to the FHL in the hopes someone may be able to help
her. I'll forward any and all responses on to her.
This situation seems to be pretty urgent. Thanks in
advance for any advice or help given.


my name is michelle i have a 7-9 year old fuzzy who
had surgery monday for his pee pee he has calcium
crystals in his bladder, they went in to drain his
bladder and because of the bladder problem it put alot
of pressure on his kidney which is now in distress, my
question is is there a med that can help his kidney
kick back in to working, he get fluid shots twice a
day now and yesterday he was given a cortizone shot
which seemed to help for a while, we are syringe
feeding him every two hours (water and canned food) he
sometimes pees on his own but for the most part the
vet drains his bladder by pinching it, I know he hurts
but i can see in his eyes he is not ready to give up,
please if you have any sugestions for my little boy
please let me know, we are all so tired and want to
save him and i am prepared to do anything to save him.



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